Interview with Erin68 Frog and Satin Galli – Avi Choice Award Presenters

I had the honor of chatting with Erin68 Frog, two time award winner for Best Duo, and get her thoughts on the Avi Choice Awards and, of course, shopping.

Joonie Jatho: Hi Erin. Thanks for meeting with me!

Erin68 Frog: Hi Joonie :) It’s great to see you again!

Joonie: You too! I was excited when I saw that I’d be interviewing you and Satin. Where is that Satin anyway?

Erin68 Frog: We were thrilled you asked!  He has to work early tomorrow so he’s relaxing tonight.

Joonie: I totally understand. You guys are part of the the Avi Choice Awards Ceremony this year! Thank you so much!

Erin: We were so honored to be asked to be part of it all this year.

Joonie: So your name – Erin68 Frog. Why 68 and why Frog?

Erin: Lol! Well, 68 because I was born in 68 and I’ve been involved in online music for many years and my name always had the 68 in it. The frog… when I joined I had a list a mile long of ‘last names’ to choose from and I had no clue. I saw Frog and thought, “What better name for a singer than Frog, right?” We came into SL solely to do live shows… so it seemed fitting!

Joonie:  You and Satin joined SL knowing you were going to perform?

Erin68 Frog: Yes. We are a RL couple and we’ve both been involved in live music on the web for many years, and it’s also how we met in RL originally, and friends asked us to join here to do shows. We both stopped doing RL gigs just before we started here in SL.

Joonie: Did you just get tired of doing them?

Erin68 Frog:  They are a lot of work and we both work and have jobs. I studied music in college and in local bands and Satin was in bands for many years. I have always wanted music to stay a passion rather than work, so it was time to just enjoy it again.

Joonie: Well lucky for us, you found your way to SL! :)

Erin68 Frog:  SL has been perfect for us. We get to enjoy what we love to do and share it with so many people and make real friends along the way.

Joonie:  And now you guys are bringing your talent to the Avi Choice Awards. Were you already familiar with them?

Erin68 Frog:  Yes, we won for best live duo the last two years. This year, we were asked to be one of the two sets of announcers, or presenters I think we’re officially called. Lol! It’s exciting! I think we are presenting the awards the 2nd half of the show.

Joonie: That is exciting! How does that feel after winning the last two years as performers?

Erin68 Frog: We’re really excited and it really is such an honor to have been asked!  Satin’s reaction was… “wow, too cool… and scary. You’re doin’ the talkin’!”  I said… “what’s new???” I’ll let him announce a few maybe. Lol.

Joonie:  Hahaha! As noted, since Satin isn’t around now either!

Erin68 Frog: Did I mention I’m the very quiet, shy one in the family? *coughs*

Joonie: I’m going to pick on him since he isn’t here. I know I said it was understandable that he wasn’t here, but with that understanding comes my right to talk about him!

Erin68 Frog: Oh, I’m all in for that! I pick on him on the mic at shows, too, so it’s only right!

Joonie:  Oh awesome! So picking on him and talking about him is just in keeping with tradition! So what can we say about him???

Erin68 Frog: Wellllll… he actually is rather shy in RL, but he opens his mouth to sing and he manages to reach your soul.

Joonie: Awww. Yes, he does do that. So let’s get to the important stuff. Do you know what you’re going to wear at the Avi Choice Awards Ceremony?

Erin68 Frog: Lol.. .believe me, I’ve already been on the hunt!!

Joonie: Hahaha! I know I would be shopping like a crazed woman. Do you know what styles you want?

Erin68 Frog: It has to be totally unique and elegant. I’m teased a lot because I am known for my outfits. I rarely wear something twice. I think some people come to our shows to see what I’m going to wear next. Lol!

Joonie: Well then this should be a lot of fun for you! Will you and Satin color-coordinate your outfits?

Erin68 Frog:  I’m sure we will. We don’t for shows most of the time. Satin actually does his SL shopping himself and usually does a pretty good job with his outfits! He’s got pretty good taste in RL and SL. He’s an Italian NY’r. He knows how to dress well.

Joonie:  I can’t wait to see what you two wear! As previous winners of the Avi Choice Awards, you have first-hand knowledge of how it feels to win. Can you share with us what that feels like?

Erin68 Frog: Oh wow. Well, I’ll tell you, both years I was surprised and shocked that we won. The first year we didn’t even know about the Avi Choice Awards until a few days before the ceremony. Last year, I was really surprise. We have been doing shows now in SL for 6 years and there are sooo many new performers with amazing talents. It really is just an incredible feeling just to be nominated.

A friend of mine said last year, “… you two are icons in live music in SL.”  I said… “Wooo, so I’m like Minnie Pearl!”

Joonie: Hahaha! Is she the lady that wears a price tag on her hat?

Erin68 Frog: Lmbo! Yesss! It is a neat feeling though. You’re all wound up that you were even nominated and then to win… I can’t wait to call out the names of so many amazing talents.

Joonie: Are you still in New York?

Erin68 Frog: No. I’m from Wisconsin. We live in Florida now.

Joonie: That’s a real change of climate!

Erin68 Frog: Huge! But I love it. We moved down here to help with Satin’s folks.

Joonie: Oh I understand that. I moved to Missouri to help with my father-in-law. It was a big move but one I’m really glad we made. You and Satin have been so generous with your time and talent for Relay For Life of SL in the past. Why do you continue to be such supporters?

Erin68 Frog: RFL has, and always will be, something we both believe in and support. Cancer has touched every one of our lives in one form or another. We love being able to give something of ourselves to help. We do the shows here in SL to touch others, to share something we’re passionate about, a smile or laugh or tear, and that makes me a happy girl.

Joonie:  Aww. That’s awesome, Erin. We so appreciate you and Satin. What are you most looking forward to at the Awards?

Erin68 Frog: The entire atmosphere of the awards over the last two years has been amazing. SL is an amazing place, as we all know, but it really does bring the feelings of RL to us. You walk into the ceremony and all the people, many you know… if I were to ever go to a RL awards show, i would imagine it has the same feel… the hugs and hellos, lost trying to find your seat. Lol! Ok, the crashing maybe is something out of the norm!

Joonie: Lol! It sounds amazing. Everyone is dressed up?

Erin68 Frog: Oh yeah. We need our very own red carpet!

Joonie): Hahaha! So like The Academy Awards of SL!

Erin68 Frog: Yes! The designers, the musicians, the builders, they all so deserve the spotlight and admiration. I love that they do the Avi Choice Award and even more so that it is a RFL event.

Joonie: When they asked you to be a presenter, did they tell you what to do? What to expect? I’m getting nervous for you! Hahah!

Erin68 Frog: I think there will be a script for the categories and announcing but we’ll do a lot of improv and bantering.

Joonie: Ohhh! Improv and bantering! That sounds entertaining. Will you only need one outfit? I’m sure you’ll have wardrobe changes! See? I’m all about the clothes! Lol!

Erin68 Frog:  I’m with you!!  I thought about a wardrobe change and maybe a screen on stage! But I think it’s only about an hour or so we’ll be on.

Joonie: At least change shoes! Oh and hair! That should be easy. But will it rez? That is the question!

Erin68 Frog: *sigh, the dilemmas!! I’ll end up bald half the show and I’ll be lookin’ right at you!

Joonie: I’ll look away!

Erin68 Frog: I’ll just find my RFL bandana. We did the opening show one year for RFL and the there was a bit of lag so we all went bald and shoeless!

Joonie: Omg! Do you have any pics of that? I’d love to see it!

Erin68 Frog:  I don’t but Nikki may. Us girls all had bandanas on. It was 3 years ago, I think, that we did the Grand Opening show. It was 4 sims and a ton of fun!

Joonie: Awww. That sounds awesome. I’m going to ask her!

Erin68 Frog: If you get some let me know. :)

Joonie: I will. I love that, in spite of the fact that cancer is still a very scary, serious thing, we can all come together and laugh and share with each other. Laughter makes everything better. SL is full of amazingly generous people like you and Satin.

Erin68 Frog: Oh for sure! Our SL team and our partners in SL are really excited to be at the awards this year, too. One of our team members has been off SL almost a year now because of cancer, so it’s hit our SL family, too.

Joonie: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Erin.

Erin68 Frog: She’s tough. She’s gonna pull through. And in the meantime, we’ll all keep praying and relaying. I learned the song I Run for Life for the opening show that year. It’s an amazing song if you haven’t heard it and it was always one of her favorites. Now I sing it to her!

Joonie: I do know it. It’s a perfect song. Thank you so much for meeting with me, Erin. Tell Satin hello and we’ll see both of you at the Avi Choice Awards. And if you need any help shopping, don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

Erin68 Frog: That sounds like a plan! It was terrific seeing you and talking to you again, too. Thank you!

Joonie: See you at the awards!