Interview with Wayne Bentley of Bentley Homes and Builder for Avi Choice Awards

Joonie: Hi Wayne. Thanks so much for meeting me today.

Wayne Bentley: You’re welcome. No problem.

Joonie: So you are the builder for the Avi Choice awards!! It’s gorgeous so far. Were you surprised when you were asked?

bentley avi choice2_001

Wayne Bentley: Yes I was.

Joonie: How did you find Second Life?

Wayne Bentley: My RL gf showed me the game and from day one I was hooked.

Joonie: Haha. Yes it’s easy to get hooked in here! Did you know soon after you joined that you wanted to build and create?

Wayne Bentley: Yes, about a month or less later I started building simple things.

Joonie: Did you have any mentors? How did you learn…. trial and error?

Wayne Bentley: No mentors. I taught myself how to build.

Joonie: What would you tell new builders just starting out? Any advice?

Wayne Bentley: Well if you don’t feel the passion for building something then don’t start building. It requires not only skill but an artist eye for things and a love for the creations you build.

Joonie: Your profile says your RL passion is painting. What medium do you use? And that was spoken like a true artist!

Joonie: Do you find your RL art influences your SL designs?

Wayne Bentley: Well in a way it does but I paint landscapes and animals so the only part of my painting abilities that shine through on my SL builds are the colors I use and how they flow with the build, much like a RL painting does.

Joonie: Were you interested in art at a young age or did that come  later?

Wayne Bentley: I was always into drawing and painting in school and after.

Joonie: Being so busy here in SL, is it difficult finding time for you RL art?

Wayne Bentley: Oh yes. It has been about 3 years since I picked up a brush, but that being said, I feel everything I build in SL is an art form no matter what it is.

Joonie: As I look around the build here, I can see that’s true. If you weren’t building in SL, and could do whatever you wanted, what would it be?

Wayne Bentley: If I couldn’t build in SL, I don’t think I would be in here. I did enjoy my time of owning a live music venue so if I did anything other than build, I guess it would be that.

Joonie: Was that was before Bentley Homes?

Wayne Bentley: No it was when I was first starting out and had more time.

Joonie: How long has your business been open? What are the challenges and rewards of having a virtual business?

Wayne Bentley: I started Bentley Homes almost 6 years. The biggest challenge is trying to keep all your customers happy and offer a new build every month. Communicating with customers might be the hardest thing as I sell to a lot of foreign people they try very hard to speak proper English but I have to say it is the most difficult part… trying to figure out what they want to say to you.

Joonie: The Avi Choice awards are part of Christmas Expo 2013 and both are in support of Relay For Life. Have you been a part of it before?

Wayne Bentley: Yes. I have been involved with Relay For Life for a long time, donating homes. One of my grandmothers and grandfather and an uncle all died from cancer.

Joonie: Oh I’m so sorry. I hate cancer so much! Wayne, thank you so much for being so supportive and donating your time and talent to the cause!

Wayne Bentley: You’re very welcome.

Joonie: Okay, one last question. J What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done is SL?

Wayne Bentley: Get involved with someone. I really don’t do much of anything here. I have dedicated all my time to building. Just ask any of the women that have chased me. So as far as crazy, I’m not into that. My fun is creating stuff.

Joonie: So SL relationships are the craziest thing?

Wayne Bentley: Yep.

Joonie: I agree! lol

Wayne Bentley: lol

Joonie: Wayne, thanks you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me! I can’t wait to see the finished build. It’s looking amazing :)

Wayne Bentley: Thank you! And yvw.