Interview with WayneDavisrocks – Entertainer for the Avi Choice Awards

Joonie: Hi Wayne! Thanks for meeting with me today!

WayneDavisRocks: Thanks for having me, Joonie.

Joonie: You’re one of our awesome entertainers at the Avi Choice awards. Thank you for that. How long have you been performing in Second Life?

WayneDavisRocks: A little over a year full time at 7 days a week.

Joonie: How did you hear about SL and what made you decide to join?

Wayne: My older brother has been a member of SL almost since the start. After I retired from 25 years in a road band I decided to give it a look.

Joonie: Does your brother play music as well?

Wayne Davis Rocks: No he is a builder – guns, bikes, pretty much anything. He’s been in SL almost 10 years. Joel38 footman is his name

Joonie: Did you know right away that you wanted to perform in SL?

You: Pretty much the reason I came to SL was to start a career in music here.

Wayne: Thanks to the fans I’ve been able to make a living at it for a little over a year now.

Joonie: That’s awesome, Wayne. Tell me a little bit about your music, your show, and what people can expect from you at the Avi Choice awards.

Wayne: I try to create a show that is non-stop entertaining with almost zero dead time between songs. The setup that I use allows me to dial up the next song with my feet so I don’t have to stop between songs and surf the pc. I also broadcast live video feed from my studio in Cincinatti, Ohio, so people have the choice of either listening to the land audio stream or they can watch the video stream live as it happens. For the video stream I use green screen background effects in the video.

Joonie: You mentioned your feet… lol. Could you explain a little about that?

Wayne: I control all my backing tracks with my feet, play live guitar with my hands and sing. Using my feet to switch backing tracks allows me to go straight from one song to another without dead time between songs.

I have also started a Live video show that I broadcast into SL. It’s live 7 days a week from my studio.

Joonie: Who are some of your musical influences?

Wayne: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Hendrix, pretty much any southern rock, most 80′s hair bands, but I do enjoy my country music as well.

Joonie: What are some of your fave songs to play?

Wayne: Purple Rain, Gravity and an original called “Have A Wayne Davis Day”. The first two are for the heart and soul and the original because it’s a song that I wrote when the world was crumbling down around me and I told myself to live my life the way that makes me happy. Pretty much anyone can relate to it. There is a music video for it on youtube:

Wayne: Cancer has taken several family members and friends. I hold RL benefits to fund cancer research.The Avi Choice awards is fast becoming one of those Iconic events in SL. It was an honor to be invited to play. Also the band has been nominated in 4 categories for the Avi Choice awards this year as well as being booked as the opening act for the event.

Joonie: That’s amazing, Wayne. So you sing with a band?

Wayne: I perform in SL with a full avi band. Steven Onskan on drums, Franny Glass on bass, Tammy Davis on guitar, FalonDesojourn on Keytar, Chicago Sax on Sax and myself on guitar and vocals.

Joonie: Well we’re glad you said yes! Wayne, thank you so much for spending time with me today. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Wayne: I’m looking forward to the show. I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast.

Joonie: See you at the awards!

WayneDavisRocks: Thanks for having me my friend.