Sponsor Spotlight On: Sheerpetal Roussel of DaD

Joonie: Hello Sheerpetal ㋡

Sheerpetal Roussel: Hi Joonie :-) Nice to meet you !

Joonie: Nice to meet you as well! It’s beautiful here on your sim.

Sheerpetal Roussel: This is a new area winter. I’m getting ready. I just wanted to show you before the Christmas tree, which I have prepared for the expo. Set your light on midnight.

Joonie: Oh how elegant! They are beautiful!

Sheerpetal: It is mesh with texture change. The only thing is, I made two versions – gold and silver.

Joonie: They’re both very beautiful! And you are donating them?

Sheerpetal: Yes, to the Expo.

Joonie: Thank you so much and thanks for meeting with me today. Did you also make this house?


Sheerpetal: Yes this is my latest creation.

Joonie: How would you describe the style of this house?

Sheerpetal:  I love the contemporary style of architecture, however, is often misunderstood because they think it is cold and impersonal.

Joonie: This is warm and inviting.

Sheerpetal: With this I wanted to show that it is possible to combine contemporary style with warmth that a house must have. I wanted to dedicate this chalet in Aspen. As in Aspen as in Saint Moritz in Switzerland.

Joonie: It’s beautiful! So how did you find out about Second Life?

Sheerpetal: Many years have passed. I was very intrigued by the existence of this world.

Joonie: Yes me too!

Sheerpetal: After a week that I was coming into Second Life I have started to build.

Joonie: Oh that was fast! What do you love about Second Life?

Sheerpetal: Because…  you know the Lego bricks?

Joonie: Yes! lol

Sheerpetal: I love them! And I play a lot with my kids. And here I found it to be entered in the Lego world!

Joonie: LOL! How old are your kids?

Sheerpetal: Now they are great 15 years. They are twins.

Joonie: Boy and girl?

Sheerpetal: Yes. I’m lucky. And when I came in here I started to look at my real life “decomposed”. I looked at a chair and I saw her in pieces and I tried to imagine how to create it. Everything in my real life  I now see decomposed!

Joonie: Hahaha! Do you use mesh? Do you like mesh?

Sheerpetal: Mmmm… I love and I hate mesh.

Joonie: lol! I hear that a lot.

Sheerpetal: I find them very interesting for some objects but not for all.

Joonie: Like what is good made mesh?

Sheerpetal: The furniture and it’s perfect for jewelry. Bad translator. Sorry. For furniture it is good. Is good for furniture. Jewelry, dresses, hair but… landscaping no.

Joonie: Why not?

Sheerpetal: Not until we will be “slaves” in the counting prims. I will give an example.

I can create me a very large tree with 2 or 3 prims impact of land. But if I do the same tree created in mesh, the land impact rises to 10 prims or even more.

Joonie: Oh I didn’t know that!

Sheerpetal: Many people do not know. And many people do not know that if I increase the size of the tree the land continues to increase impact. No more mesh trees for me! Lol! I have created a collection of trees mesh because it was a challenge to do and I wanted to make them. But I am not satisfied with this problem.

Joonie: Will you continue to make prim trees until there is a solution?

Sheerpetal: Then I continue to use the sculpted prims.

Joonie: Sheer, where are you from? Where did you grow up?

Sheerpetal: I live in Milan in Italy.

Joonie: Does the time difference present a problem for you here in SL?

Sheerpetal: My clients are mostly American. I notice because I begin to sell.

Italy is in the afternoon when after 8am slt I start to sell.

Joonie: What time is it there now? It’s 8:30am here in SL .

Sheerpetal: In Italy is 5.30pm. Would you like a cup of tea? J

Joonie: Oh yes! I would love some tea! ㋡ Sheerpetal, you are one of our sim sponsors. Thank you so much for sponsoring. Why did you decide to sponsor?

Sheerpetal: It’s a dream I have for a long time. Because I am a merchant, of course, but at the same time my first wish is to make Second Life a little more beautiful with my creations. And then, unfortunately, my family has been affected by bereavement due to cancer.

Joonie: I’m very sorry. It is difficult.

Sheerpetal: Yes it is. And it is not important that the association is American or Italian. I’ve seen a lot of seriousness and dedication. And also…




with my whole being!

Joonie: Me too!

Sheerpetal: In Second Life I will dress in red for the whole month!

Joonie: hahaha!

Sheerpetal: Also this will be one of my gifts for the Expo. 100% for Expo.

Joonie: The table decoration?

Sheerpetal: Yes. I’m working a lot these days to be ready.

Joonie: Yes I know you must be busy!

Sheerpetal: And I’m looking at my creations to create the atmosphere. I think it’s the most important thing. An object can not be perfect but if it can give you something then in reality it is.

Joonie: Yes. J Where did the name of your store come from? DaD?

Sheerpetal: DaD – I then I realized that in English means daddy. Domus Aurea Design. A tribute to Italy.  The design and the beauty of my country. The Domus Aurea. It is the imperial palace that the Emperor Nero of ancient Rome built. It’s almost completely destroyed.

Joonie: Oh! Very old then.

Sheerpetal: Oh yes. But it is considered one of the most beautiful buildings that ever existed. It was built in 64 AD.

Joonie: I hope to see it one day. And your name? Sheerpetal?

Sheerpetal: Lol… my name. When I tried to register all the names were engaged. I could not find a name. At that moment I was using Clinique products. I think you know them.

Joonie: Yes. I used them, too. J

Sheerpetal: Lol! I was holding a lipstick I used and the color was Sheerpetal. And there was born my name.

Joonie: I know that one!

Sheerpetal: It is absolutely unique. (I’m crazy… )

Joonie: That’s funny and yes it is unique. And being crazy is good and fun. J

Sheerpeal: You … and my husband always tells me so.

Joonie: Lol. Sheer, what would you tell other people who might want to sponsor a sim?

Sheerpetal: you must want to do with the heart. The work is very much. An immense commitment. But it is also the great satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something not only for yourself, but also for other persons. And I believe that sometimes you need to stop and help other people.

Joonie: Yes ㋡ It means a lot to us. Thank you so much. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Sheerpetal: I thank you. Mmm… my work in real is an entirely different thing.

Joonie: What do you do?

Sheerpetal: I am a lawyer specializing in intellectual property. Very different …!

Joonie: Oh! Does that help you here in SL?

Sheerpetal: To be very angry with those who copy objects. It is an immense problem which has no solutions. I have met people who copied me.

Joonie: What did they say?

Sheerpetal: To be happy because it meant that I had made a beautiful thing. If it was bad I would not be copied. Anyhow, I think that even if it happens I can create other new things. Those people can only copy. They do not have creativity and imagination

Joonie: Yes, very true, Sheer. It was so nice chatting with you today! I’m glad we were able to do this. J

Sheerpetal: I’m very happy.

Joonie: Big hugs!

Sheerpetal: Hugs very big, yes!