It Really IS Looking a LOT Like Christmas… Expo that is!

We are officially open. Come join us as we usher in the 3rd annual Christmas Expo! The doors are open!

Your sleigh awaits HERE!

Frolic Mills Brings Couture to Christmas Expo 2013!

Frolic Mills, BOSL CO/CEO and of Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, has been a generous supporter of Relay For Life of SL for years. This year is no exception. He continues his generosity in a big way for Christmas Expo 2013 by donating the Miss Virtual World Couture Collection to the Christmas Expo Raffle. Raffle tickets will be sold during Christmas Expo and the winner will be announced at the Miss Virtual World Contest held Saturday, December 14th.

Mr. Mills says, “The contestants are asking each designer for two costumes, including the Evening Gowns, to be donated to the Christmas Expo Raffle for a possible total of 62 designs. These designs are amazing and examples can be viewed on the MVW 2014 facebook page.”

“It is a long standing tradition that MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Org works closely with charities, but it isn’t me who donates the gorgeous MVW Collection, it is the designers themselves. All my respect to them.”

While I had Frolic in my grasp I decided to throw out a few more questions. Below is our little chat.

Joonie: Frolic, you’ve been involved with Relay For Life of SL for a while now. How did you first become involved?

Frolic: My grandma died to this decease about 10 years ago, and I saw her put up a fight that would make Alexander the Great pale in comparison. Just two hours before she died, she grabbed my hand and said: “I will come out of this and be well.” This is why I relay, I like to keep my Grandma’s spirit alive!

Joonie: You’ve also been involved with the fashion and modeling aspects of Second Life for a long time. How would you define your own personal style?

Frolic: It’s quite eclectic; One day I am in a tux and the next I am in drag! Anything in between is also welcome.

Joonie: Drag! That I would love to see! What would you say  to those who might be interested in modeling in Second Life? Advice on where to begin?

Frolic: Contact Ponchituti Boucher as soon as possible and we will get you started on the toughest and greatest modeling course there is at the MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Modeling Academy.

Joonie: *Jots that down* What designers are taking part in MVW 2013 and might have designs in the Christmas Expo Raffle?

Frolic: If I am honest I don’t know. The misses do a great job at keeping everything hush hush, but they are asking the designers for this extra copy to help out this wonderful couture-gasm Raffle to benefit RELAY FOR LIFE! Did I just say Couture-gasm? OMG – It’s too late and I’ve had too many cocktails!

Joonie: LOL Well I better let you go so you can continue on with your libations! Thank you so much for spending time with me.

Frolic: Have a wonderful Christmas Expo and see you on Dec 14th for the final drawing of the winner during the live transmission of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2014!

Chrismas Expo 2013 opens Thursday, December 5th and closes at 10am on Sunday, Dec. 15th followed by the Avi Choice Awards which begins at 3pm SLT. Below are just a few examples of selections from the MVW challenges collection. The Raffle items are original designs created specially for Miss Virtual World and are top secret; not to be revealed until the day of the Raffle!


Making a list & checking it twice!

santa announcingOh already the hustle and bustle is getting us so excited here in Xmas Expo headquarters!  The shopkeepers are signing up and working  .. excited and busy, busy making wonderful products for this years Expo!

Check out the (still growing) list of awesome merchants who will set up shop at this years Expo.. it’s going to be a FABULOUS year.  There are still shops available, so if you’re wanting one, SIGN UP NOW by clicking this link: SHOP REGISTRATION.


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