Advocacy and Mission Walk Hand in Hand

Here is a wonderful message from our 2015 Community Ambassador, Gem Sunkiller!


Advocacy is the process or act of supporting a cause or proposal.  As we reach out beyond the traditional walls of Relay For Life of Second Life, it is important that we not only spread the word that Relay is here in Second Life, but also to explain why we Relay, and what becomes of the funds donated.  By becoming advocates for Relay For Life, and The American Cancer Society, we then are given the opportunity to educate, and bring understanding of exactly what it is that we are about.  It is through this process that we can help change lives by presenting the variety of programs The American Cancer Society offers, both here in Second Life and out there in the world beyond.

What do most people really want to know about Relay For Life?  Some of the questions that I am most often asked pertain to where the money goes, what exactly do our funds support, and a desire to know why we have such a passion.  Everyone has a story, a reason they Relay.  It’s these stories that make up the fabric of Relay For Life.  Advocacy is the work of every person in our Relay For Life of Second Life.  Tell your stories often, and ask others to share theirs.  In the telling you are an advocate, supporting the cause of Relay For Life.

Mission walks hand in hand with Advocacy.  When we present the mission of the American Cancer Society, we open the door to educate and empower.  That mission, which is very simply stated, is to create a world with more birthdays.  The list of ways that mission takes form is varied and lengthy.  For more in depth information please go to , the home of the American Cancer Society on the internet.  The Society can also be reached at 1-800-277-2345.

I was delighted when asked to serve as Community Ambassador for 2015, this gives me an opportunity to talk with as many people, communities, and businesses about Relay For Life of Second Life.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me inworld, or at

This article will also be posted to Gem’s new blog, Check it out!

We thank Gem and all of our volunteers for all you do for The Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair to support Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Volunteer Awesomeness!!!

Today’s awesomeness interview is with Gemma Allen. Here are her musings….

expo gemma

I have been in Second Life for almost 8 years after I read about it and wanted to visit. When I first came in, it was on dial up… LOL… so I did not come back for almost 6 months until I had a new computer and DSL.

Being a reporter for the Sl Newser for the past 5 years keeps me busy exploring and writing about events. My partner is a DJ so I host at his parties. And being active in the 7Seas Fishing, I host for contests which is fun!

Last year I was asked to help out at the Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair as a greeter at the last moment. This year I became more involved and attended the organizational meeting. I have assisted merchants, greeted , checked vendors, did some “elfing” and tried to help out in anyway I could.anything I was asked to do. . .I try to visit the all the sims every day in case there are any problems.

I enjoy greeting the shoppers and help if they are looking for certain shops or activities. The builders did a marvelous job with the decor and it is always fun to skate through the regions and see those huge trees with the balls and lights!!!  There is so much detail around the outside of the shops!   The shoppers are fun to talk to and are happy to have someone to answer questions. I have skated and attended some of the parties this year too!

Here is an article on my impressions of being a volunteer

Shop til you drop!!! Watch the Relay vendors for specials because the money you spend goes directiy to Relay For Life of Second Life and to those who need help the most.

This year I personally experienced how much the American Cancer Society is able to provide assistance to those who need support during treatment.  It is a pleasure to help raise funds for continued research and the help the ACS provides to individuals. I appreciate the Relay For Life so much more!

Thank you for your time and thank you again for all you do for The Christmas Expo to support Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Today at the Expo & Fair!

expo 2

Another jam packed fun day at the Expo & Fair! Below is our events schedule today:

1-3 pm  DJ Julianna Michigan

5-7 pm   Quill and Quarrel Theater present their production of the play “Almost Maine” – teleport to sky platform.

6-8 pm DJ Gem Sunkiller

Today at the Expo & Fair!

expo 2

The 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair continues on today with more events and of course shopping!! Below is our events lineup:

2 -4 pm   DJ Ayva Meili
5-7 pm    DJ Nuala Maracas  and a contest  – 1, 000L best worst Christmas sweaters

Your tp to the parties:

**Of course we have naughty or night gifts, hunt for the bells, and shopping! 24/7**

Volunteer Awesomeness!!!

Today’s awesome volunteer is Kitty Gumbo also known as Pretty Kitty!


Kitty, tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been here since 2007. I thought Second Life looked interesting!

You are one of our important Volunteers which makes a big event like this happen… Could you tell how you became involved ?

Thank you!  I wanted to participate. I love the spirit of Christmas and the Expo has that loving spirit, too. It’s a great way to give back.

What are a few of your favorite things here at the Christmas Expo & Breedable Fair?

I love the shops!! There are fantastic, very professional with beautifully created items.

What  is your personal Christmas Expo Reason this season?

The  Christmas Expo is a great way to give back this holiday season in all the hustle and bustle!!!


Thank you for your time and thank you again for all you do for The Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair to support Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Today at the Expo & Fair!

expo 2

Another great day of events and fun awaits you at the 2014 SL Christmas Expo & Winter Breedables Fair! Below is our events lineup:

10 am – noon DJ Mia Deluca Ice Skating Party
noon – 2 pm DJ RockandRoll Michigan
4pm – 5 pm Zerbie Magic – Live Performance
5pm – 7 pm DJ Trader Whiplash music and CONTEST – Best Holiday Hat – with $1000L in prizes

Remember that you can shop, hunt for the bells, and participate in naughty and nice gifts 24/7!!

Santa Baby!!!

A very special interview with the man, himself!!!



I’ve been visiting second life for 3 years. During my post-Christmas relaxation month I explore the World Wide Web. I stumbled onto flickr photos that came from this beautiful virtual world, I had to see it for myself. I grabbed Mrs. Claus. No pun intended Ho-Ho-Ho! Err excuse me, and off we went.

Becoming involved in the Christmas Expo and the Winter Breedables Fair in 2011 was without a doubt the easiest decision I ever made. How can you bring so many countries together, united in one goal and all experiencing the gift of giving in some manner without Santa? I had it easier than most people because I remember a tiny curly haired sweet little girl named Dawnie Dreamscape who happens to be all grown up and coordinates this expo. I sent first elf Willings Gumdrop with a note telling her I was available from 12/4-12/15 if she would have me. The rest is history.

How do you get ready for such a huge event so close to Christmas?

I have a special group of elves who run on pole speed which is 1225 faster than the speed of light. So this is easier than getting my pants on after a good Christmas dinner. Ho-ho-ho!

We love all of your awesome elves here at Expo. This must be a sought after assignment. How do you select the elves that will accompany you on this mission?

My elves must see the child in everyone, the place inside of them that is filled with wonder, excitement and the gift of giving to others. Most importantly though their lack of height is required.

We’ve seen your around the Expo dancing away! What were some of your favorite scenes or activities.

The scenery is amazing. I rode the carousel until my beard was in a knot and I loved looking inside all those nice and naughty gift boxes! I must say Tee there are a lot on the naughty list, but don’t worry I will leave a present under your tree anyway…Ho-ho-ho!

Santa, what  is your personal Christmas Expo Reason or message this season?

My message is… Cancer can never take away your courage, spirit, faith, hope or love, but together we can find a cure to take away cancer forever. Don’t stop fighting, the Future is Now! And ….May this year bring us all Peace, Health and Happiness.

Thank you for taking time from your crazy busy schedule and thank you again for all you do for The Christmas Expo to support Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.