Merchant Guidelines



  • Set-up for Merchants is on Saturday, November 30 – Tuesday, December 3, 2013.
  • After Expo, clean-up must occur by midnight Monday, December 16, 2013.
  • We request that each Merchant donate as many items as they can for sale in RFL vendors. The MINIMUM requirement is two items. Items displayed in RFL vendors donate 100% of their sale price to Relay For Life / the American Cancer Society. The Christmas Expo will provide RFL vendors to all of our merchants.
  • We are asking each Merchant to please donate one item to be used as a Hunt prize
  • You will be invited into the Christmas Expo group as a Merchant which will give you build rights to set up your store once the sims are opened to Marchants.
  •  All content for this or any RFL event must be PG. No adult content allowed (although there is a special allowance for skins). If you wish to check any product please ask Expo Support for verification.
  •  To lower lag and improve visitors’ experience, Creators must minimize script usage (i.e.: NO highly scripted items, NO greeters, and NO temp-rezzers). Textures should not be of unreasonably high resolution. (You will be provided with a script load policy notecard)
  • No copyright or trademark infringement (includes real life or virtual name brands, logos, sounds or graphics that aren’t owned by exhibitor.)
  • Prim limits are according to store size requested and excess prims will be returned.
  • We expect every exhibitor and attendee to adhere to the standard Second Life Terms of Service. Our team will help you by monitoring sim performance throughout the Expo and aiding you in resolving any problems.