Couture Raffle!

The Best Of SL Magazine Logo - PremiereFrolic Mills, BOSL CO/CEO and of Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, has been a generous supporter of Relay For Life of SL for years. This year is no exception. He continues his generosity in a big way for Christmas Expo 2013 by donating the Miss Virtual World Couture Collection to the Christmas Expo Raffle. Raffle tickets will be sold during Christmas Expo and the winner will be announced at the Miss Virtual World Contest held Saturday, December 14th.

Mr. Mills says, “The contestants are asking each designer for two costumes, including the Evening Gowns, to be donated to the Christmas Expo Raffle for a possible total of 62 designs. These designs are amazing and examples can be viewed on the MVW 2014 facebook page.”

“It is a long standing tradition that MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Org works closely with charities, but it isn’t me who donates the gorgeous MVW Collection, it is the designers themselves. All my respect to them.”