Praise the Volunteers!!!

  The following is excerpted from the 2009 Praise the Volunteers! blog post by Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of The American Cancer Society " Without our volunteers…(we can) not support our core mission, let alone survive.  We are fortunate to have many wonderful people … who are are devoted to our cause.  They are what makes the American Cancer Society such … Continue reading Praise the Volunteers!!!


Volunteer Spotlight on Madonna

I'm the Merchant Support lead here for this year's Expo. Nuala asked me if I would be willing to volunteer for the position, because of my prior experience as a coach and tool tester. My team ~Gemma Cleanslate, Michiko Avon, Stevie Basevi , Aphrodite Serin~ and I are here to help merchants get everything setup, … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on Madonna

Volunteer Spotlight on Xyza

Xyza Armistice tell us the many hats she wears for the Expo. Listen up! WOW... Where would you like me to start? Nuala IMed me and said me, “Xyza, I need your help.” And of course I said, “YES” before I even knew what help she needed. “What do you need me to do, Nuala?” She … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on Xyza

Volunteer Spotlight on Trouble

Trouble Dethly is on the Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations Team. Here he introduces himself to us all. My job for the 2015 Christmas Expo was to create was the guide book and visitor's guide; essentially, one is an online publication, and the other an in-world publication. This job entailed creating a mini-magazine of sorts full … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on Trouble

Volunteer Spotlight on Eclair

Eclair Martinek is a volunteer in Design & Infrastructure Division as the primary landscaper. "Nuala asked if I would like to volunteer, I said of course.  Hours later, I asked - what did I volunteer for? "Ohhhhh!?!!" was my response when I found out!  So ... I am the Expo snow shoveler and tree & rock pusher. I … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on Eclair

Volunteer Spotlight on S.I.D.

I am the coordinator for the Snowman building contest. I set up everything that was needed, and I am happy to say that it already was a success. All 20 spots were taken and we have a real hodge-podge of unique snowpeople! I am very proud of our creators, everyone is a winner ! I … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on S.I.D.

Volunteer Spotlight on Kammie

This year I am the Co Lead for Entertainment and Hosting along with Darkstone Aeon. We book the Live Performers, DJ's, Tribute and Dance Shows with all the Hosts to help us. I have done a lot of volunteer work in RL, mostly with small children, thus I have an incredible amount of patience!! I … Continue reading Volunteer Spotlight on Kammie

Build A Snowman Contest at The Expo

Pick your spot in the snowman building area and start rolling that snow.  Simple, fancy, classic, wild… it is up to you what you do with your 30 prims. You have from Dec 3 – 6 to build your snowman, voting is held December 7 – 12  and winners are announced during the Holiday Of … Continue reading Build A Snowman Contest at The Expo

2015 Christmas Expo Guidebook

The 2015 SL Christmas Expo is underway December 3 – 14, 2015! In case you have not yet hit all 4 sims, you can view our official guidebook, to get a peak of what awaits you! View The Guidebook .. Click Here

Day Two and the Fun Goes On!!

Today is the second day of the 2014 SL Christmas Expo! Check out our Exhibitors & Shopping guide to find out where your favorite Second Life designers and creators are located: Visitors and guests will be able to shop for holiday gifts, take photographs with Santa, participate in Naughty Or Nice, and Hunt for the … Continue reading Day Two and the Fun Goes On!!

Our Bloggers Are Ready!

We are pleased to announce the offical bloggers list for the 2015 SL Christmas Expo!  This list contains our official bloggers, along with each blogger's website.  You can find the list by Clicking Here Blogger Day at the expo is Wednesday December 1 from 7am - 7pm SLT Our official flicker page will be full of … Continue reading Our Bloggers Are Ready!

Over 55 Exhibitors & Growing!

There are currently over 55 exhibitors at the 2015 SL Christmas Expo! This 4 sim event, which will take place December 3 to 14, has everything from clothing, shoes, jewellery, skins and nails to home and garden items, christmas trees, and of course breedables! There is something for everyone! Come for a peak and stay … Continue reading Over 55 Exhibitors & Growing!

Holidays Of Hope Ball

A Winter Wonderland – the 2015 Holidays Of Hope Ball 6th Annual Gala to Support the Relay For Life of Second Life, and the American Cancer Society The 6th Annual Holidays of Hope Ball will be held Sunday, Dec 13th from 3 to 7 pm SLT as part of the 2015 SL Christmas Expo. … Continue reading Holidays Of Hope Ball

Make Your Own Advertising Package

Mix & Match Advertising Packages Not only do you get to make your own advertising / sponsorship package, you get to choose how much you will spend, and where you will have your store, club, group. team, organization, advertisement displayed! Open to both those participating in the SL Christmas Expo, as well as to … Continue reading Make Your Own Advertising Package