Donation Requirements – Breedables Merchants

* Breedable Merchant Donation Requirements *

The SL Christmas Expo is a Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) approved Mega Event which raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life.  Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event, and RFL of SL is one of its virtual counterparts. You can get more information about RFL of SL here:

In addition to the Event Guidelines and the Merchant Shop Guidelines, the 2016 SL Christmas Expo has specific Merchant Donation Requirements.

Donation Requirements

Breedable Auction Houses, Markets, Land Rental   We do have space for you at the Winters Breedable Fair.  Please click here for details.  

Breedable Accessory Creators:  (stalls, beds, toys, dog houses, etc)

  • If you are a creator of Accessories for the various breedables, please follow the General Donation Requirements located by clicking here.
  • Please register under the  Breedable Merchant category, so we can place you in the breedables area. Do not register as a General Merchant.

Breedable Creators:

  • Each Breedable Creator merchant must provide a minimum of  two 100% profit New & Exclusive or Unique (of color or design) Breedable OR  one 100% profit  Limited Edition Breedables to be sold in their store at the SL Christmas Expo.  You can set the price of these items to any amount.
    • The New and Exclusive / Unique Breedable(s) must not be offered for sale elsewhere before or during the SL Christmas Expo, not even in different colors.  The New and Exclusive items may, however, be offered for sale AFTER the Expo closes as desired.  
    • The LE Breedable(s) must not be offered for sale elsewhere before, during, or after the SL Christmas Expo.
  • Each merchant must provide one item or Gift Certificate for our Holiday Stocking Stuffers. You will place the provided Relay For Life Holiday Stocking in your Expo shop, for sale at L$25,  thus increasing traffic to your shop. (This replaces the Hunt For The Bells, but is similar in theory). This is not required, but the Expo shoppers love the mini hunt experience. We will require full permission photos of all items.
  • New For 2016   Depending upon your sponsorship level, you are permitted to have a predetermined  number of your own SINGLE ITEM business vendors that pay 100% profit to your business. Multi Item vendors are not permitted.  See sponsorship packages for the number of vendors.
  • All additional items sold at the SL Christmas Expo, over the predetermined number for your sponsorship,  must be sold from a Relay For Life official shared vendor. These vendors are preset to provide 50% profit of each sale to your business.
  • You may have as many Relay For Life vendors at 50% profit as you like (up to your prim limit).
  • All vendors will be checked prior to the opening of the SL Christmas Expo.
  • Any Relay For Life vendor must remain rezzed in your Expo shop throughout the entire duration of the SL Christmas Expo.
  • Each Breedable Creator is encouraged to participate in our One Of A Kind Auction (OOAK). This much anticipated single  auction event raises, on average, over L$2 Million ($8,000 USD) annually in support of the  Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.  Apart from showing your generosity of heart and spirit to support a very important organization,  it’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creations to the entire grid!  You may donate more than one OOAK if you wish. 100% of auction proceeds go to Relay For Life. Please register for the OOAK Auction by using the form located here.
  • New For 2016   Each Breedable Creator merchant has the option to participate in a Brand Specific Breedables Auction. This auction will be promoted as being sponsored by your breedable company and auction only your brands breedables.  Please visit the Brand Specific Breedables Auction page for more information.
  • Each merchant is encouraged to participate in at least one special event of their choosing:  Silent Auctions, Gotyas, Christmas Tree Lot Donation. Items which are donated to the special events DO NOT have to be new and exclusive. You are encouraged to participate in more than one special event.  * All special events at the Expo may have additional guidelines and rules that are not listed above. (Please see our special events page for these additional guidelines).*
  • All merchants will receive a Relay For Life Gotya Vendor, preset to 50% donation to the American Cancer Society.  Should you wish to participate, we ask you to please place this item at our special Expo Gotya area.  You may also place them in your Expo store.  You may have up to 4 Gotya’s. We will require full permission photos of all items.
  • All Limited Edition and One Of A Kind Breedables will be covered by our Official SL Christmas Bloggers.  Detailed information and photos of the breedable must be provided.  Ideally the breedable is on display for the blogger to see and photograph.