Merchant Set Up Guide

A quick and easy guide for creators to double check the timeline and what everything is for:

To  book your shop:

Complete the registration form for the sponsorship package you wish to have on the appropriate merchant page.

Within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation notecard & email with the location where you may purchase your sponsorship.  Simply go there, pay the  appropriate Relay For Life Vendor the correct sponsorship amount, and you will receive your merchant kit.


You will be invited to the SL Christmas Expo *RFL* Production Group.


November 28 & 29 – Merchant Set Up Day

November 30 – Blogger & Press Day

December 1 – SL Christmas Expo Opens 6am SLT

December 12 – SL Christmas Expo Closes 8pm SLT

December 13 – Clean Up Day

December 14 – Sims Offline

Prims & Merchant Decorations:

Your prim count is based on the sponsorship level you reserved. Please keep your decorations inside your store.  The sim designer has worked long and hard to create our fantastic sims to make you proud to be a participant. By keeping your items inside,it is your way of saying “thank you” for your efforts.  More on shop guidlelines can be found here in the Merchant Shop Guidelines

Our Bloggers:

As always, our Bloggers and the Press have early access to the sims – November 30.  Please ensure your items have been sent to the bloggers for review by using the Blogger Boxes (you can find them in the group notices)


We will have RFL Donation Kiosks throughout the SL Christmas Expo but you are encouraged to also have them in your stores at the expo or in your own store.

Required Items:

Please ensure you have sent us your photos & notecards of your required 100% donation items so we can promote them for you. If you are participating in the Holiday Exclusive Limited Edition Collection, please make sure you sent photos / notecard.  OOAK Breedables,  please send the same.

Please send your required Raffle Item by November 26 at the absolute latest.

If you are participating in the Silent Auction, please ensure that item is sent to us by November 26 at the absolute latest.

Relay For Life Vendors

We do require two new &  exclusive items to be sold in our Relay For Life vendors, but we have found that most merchants / creators have always  made an extra effort to include four or more.  We are very grateful to all merchants, especially those who go above and beyond with a third or fourth item.  100% of sales from these vendors will go to the Relay For Life of Second Life and The American Cancer Society.

Each sponsorship level allows a specific number your own store SINGLE item vendors to be in your store.   You may choose to only have these out along with your two 100% RFL vendors, or if you wish to have more than your sponsorship permits, you must use the 50% split RFL Vendor in your kit.  You may use as many of these 50% vendors as you wish.

Some merchants choose to have all vendors in their stores donating 100% to the Relay For Life of Second Life, some prefer a mixture.  It is up to the merchant.

You can also use the 100% and 50% vendors in your own stores up until March 2017, when they will auto destruct, as the new Relay fundraising season begins and continue to support the American Cancer Society.

Relay For Life Gotya Vendors

All merchant kits include 50% split RFL Gotya Vendors.  These are the only Gotya’s permitted at the SL Christmas Expo.  You may have them in your shop, but we also ask that they be placed at our official Gotya Area (this will give you more promotion also).  We will need a photo and description of your Gotyas so we can promote them.

Stocking Suffers Hunt

This year we are introducing our Stocking Stuffers in place of the Hunt For The Bells.  Each merchant kit has a Stocking Stuffer vendor in it.  Simply place your item in and hang in your shop.  You can have as many as you like.  Please send us a picture of the item and description to we can promote for you. You are also welcome to hang the stockings in your main store.

Please ensure you get all your required items to us in a timely manner. We have things to do, webpages to make up, visitors guides to prepare and set the deadline of November 20 so we have proper time to prepare and promote for you.  Help us help you !

Please direct all questions to Nuala Maracas