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Shamrock Marketplace

Shamrock Marketplace


Hi! I’m Ona Ra, of Shamrock Marketplace!  We are a marketplace for breeders to sell their items and a place for live voice Auctions. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shamrock%20Marketplace/36/126/23

I’ve been in SL for nearly 10 years. This year, we decided to become a part of the Christmas Expo. RFL is very close to the owners of Shamrock. I am a care giver to a two time cancer survivor and many members of our families are survivors. We love RFL because it gets everyone involved for a wonderful cause.

My favorite Christmas memory was watching my daughter at 4 years old finally understanding who and what Santa was and her unbridled joy on that first Christmas morning when she FLEW into our room at 5 AM screaming that Santa really had come and he brought (in her words) EVERYTHING!

Big Christmas Expo “Thanks!” to our platinum sponsor, Ona Ra of Shamrock Marketplace!

Christmas Expo Exclusives!

Featured Today:

La Boheme

La Boheme A Frozen Christmas Exclusive@@

A lovely double set of frost themed nail appliers which is compatible with the Slink and Maitreya body systems, as well as any body system with Omega support.

DIVIAs Designs

Diva's - Santa's Cuddle Sleight Pic.@@


Santa’s Cuddle Sleight  – 100 % mesh 6 prim with single and couple sitting and cuddle animations

Dekute Dekore

[Mesh] _Frozen_ Four Post Bed - RFL@@

[Mesh] “Frozen” Four Post Bed

100% Original Dekute Mesh. Features my own Dekute exclusive handmade animations including Couples Cuddles/Kisses (pg) & Solo Animations. Also includes the 1 Li removable Snow Landscape. Only 2 Li total for the set.

[Mesh] Winter Cuddle Bench - RFL@@

[Mesh] Winter Cuddle Bench

100% Original Dekute Mesh. Features my own Dekute exclusive handmade animations including Couples Cuddles/Kisses (pg) & Solo Animations plus Drink Giver Menu with 18 Hot, Cold & Alcoholic drinks to choose from. Also includes the 1 Li removable Snow Landscape Scene. Only 2 Li total for the set.


~Tantalum~ Snowflake Bellychain@@

A delicate bellychain with a simple gemmed snowflake that comes full with a full 21 metal chain changer and 15 gem changer.   Complete Hud comes with options to Texture change, Brightness, Resizer, Shine, Glow, and Color.

Volunteer Spotlight on Cathy10 Longoria

Cathy10 Longoria @2015 Christmas Expo

My role in the 2015 Christmas Expo is Naughty or Nice Coordinator. The responsibilities of the position include assisting Expo merchants with their Naughty or Nice sack donation items and securing “Naughty or Nice” items from Second Life designers for sacks that can be found along the Expo sim paths, at the entertainment stages, the tree lot, snowman area, ice skating pond…all around the Expo sims!

This requires all my attention to detail, flexibility, and willingness to get the job done.

We definitely make impact through Second Life by fund raising for Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society.

I am  thankful for my family and my friends. Merry Christmas and Love those those around you!

Thank you to Cathy10 for her hard work on the 2015 Christmas Expo and continued support of Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society.


Christmas Expo Exclusives!

Featured Today:

Semi Precious

S-P Xue - Mega Pack@@

You will be unique as the snowflakes of winter, wearing this lovely set from Semi-Precious.  Xue embraces the crystalline beauty of the season, and brings it in to life in this jewelry set.  A choker of the softest leather, festooned with the drape of glittering chains, and a snowflake pendant, radiant, and splendid against the warmth of your skin.  The set comes in three metals to match every outfit, and a HUD, that matches the delicate flakes to your moods.  While the weather outside may be frightful, in this charming set from Semi-Precious, you’ll be absolutely delightful.


S-P Noel Earrings - Mega Pack@@

You will not be able to stop smiling as you wear these cheerful jingle bell earrings! Pair them with sweaters, dresses, casual or dressy, you will bring joy to all who see you in Noel earrings, from Semi-Precious!   Falling in a sweet tumble from gold, silver or antique findings, the bells sway and dance merrily with every move of your head.  A color change HUD allows you to wear these with every outfit!  These whimsical earrings are perfect for the season!

Ever An’ Angel

Ever An' Angel - Incident - Burnished@@

Rich Satin tumbles in long elegant drapes and puddles like a dream at your feet creating a perfect pedestal to be put upon.  And why not?  Create an incident, just by entering the room.  Exclusive for RFL Xmas Expo 2015 – by Ever An’ Angel

Love Everlasting PlantPets

LEP ~ Winter Mini Greenhouse Display AD@@

This charming little greenhouse display window is made of mesh and prim. It features winter plants inside and out with a little evergreen tree in the back. Perfect for any outdoor winter setting. Base snow included.It is 8 land impact prim and has a 6 x 4 footprint.


Digitize Mesh Snow Blocks Ad@@

Digitize Mesh Snow Blocks

Set of 5 mesh snow blocks with specular shine textures.

Can be scaled on on x,y, and z independently.

1 LI @ 2m , 8 LI @ 64m.

Volunteer Spotlight on Xyza

Xyza Armistice tell us the many hats she wears for the Expo. Listen up!

Xyza Armistice santas helper mama elf

WOW… Where would you like me to start?

Nuala IMed me and said me, “Xyza, I need your help.” And of course I said, “YES” before I even knew what help she needed. “What do you need me to do, Nuala?” She said, “Christmas Expo… would you like to Volunteer?” I already said yes before hand not knowing what help she needed sooooooo…..guess no backing down now!!!

As the Special Events for the 2015 Christmas Expo Photos with Santa Coordinator, I schedule days and times for Santa and his Elves. I am also know as MAMA ELF.I am the Co-organizer for the Christmas Tree Lot with Dianna Wycliffe.

And also work with the Holiday Of Hope Gala-Support Staff – finding Sponsors to provide a gift or gift certificate for either the Holiday Raffle Basket or Random Door Prize.

My roles and job for the 2015 Expo are Organizer – Coordinator – Scheduler – pickeruperer – Host – Elf – ermmmm – Mind reader?

When we work together as one team we can make an impact through Second Life!

My personal message this holiday season is be kind to each other, love each other and be thankful for what you have.

We appreciate all that Xyza does for the Christmas Expo, Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society. Thank you!

Sponsor Spotlight!

{ZOZ}  headshot dec 2015

Zozicon – {ZOZ}

I discovered SL back in 2005, but the {ZOZ} line came together about 3 years ago at the end of December. I create original mesh nails, polish appliers for various bodies and just started making other original mesh items. More of that will be released in the new year!

My in-world store is located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chillium/182/215/3759. I’m also on the SL Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/133050 (It so needs updating, the in world store is the best place to shop my products)

I chose to get involved with RFL and the Expo because in SL, a person finds that cancer has its hand in many many homes. People in SL become close to my heart. And it is hard to put a thought into one day losing them this way. I really believe in the power that SL has to help each other beyond SL. I try to do a RFL event every year as a small part of many who want to make a difference. Everyone who does these events, pool together like loving drops of water and make a wave. I appreciate everyone of us, buyers, merchants and volunteers who put heart and soul into these events.

I have done some exclusives for this Expo, what I feel is my most stunning work to date. I’m offering a beautiful deep, shimmering polish in rich holiday colors with a multi overlay snowflake design. Snowflakes are close to my heart, this polish in its depths really reveals the happiness of winter with the passion of the event.

I think my favorite item I’ve ever created is my original mesh nails, because they are done in such a way that really allows for some stunning polish work. Their length is beautifully long, shape curved and fitted just right. Really people try them and never look back at default body or hand nails again. Plenty of models and bloggers swear by them!

My favorite holiday memory? My favorite actually is this year. I am fortunate enough to have an extended family in SL, being the Auntie and decorating the home with the warmth and love of those close to me. Real people with smiles and hearts, dreams and desires bridging the distance of space to bring warmth into each of our RL hearts and homes. The twinkling lights, the holiday tree filled with playful ornaments, the snow drifting slowly outside, little rocking horse next to the fire waiting for its playmate to come back and ride. The sound of laughter and love filling each room is the best way I could ever dream of facing a new year. Even though cancer touches our home, and we take each holiday and savor it. The memories will last, hope will thrive and its been a beautiful rare gift.

A very special “thank you” from the Christmas Expo to our platinum sponsor, Zozicon of {ZOZ} for sharing her time and skills with us!





Christmas Expo Exclusives!

Featured Today:


Spyralle Holiday Wishes Magic Fax Machine@@

Victorian-style, sleigh-shaped box decorated with a holiday folk art motif starts delivering a spray of faxes with cheerful holiday messages. Messages are particles and prims that self-delete in about 15 seconds. Touch menu turns machine on and off and gives choice of ten messages. Lights flash, crank turns. Land Impact = 3 when off and up to 20 when running.

Sweet Red’s Designs

Natala ~ SRD ~ Christmas Expo@@

Natala is so named because she was born for a Blue Snowy Christmas.  A formal mesh gown featuring a buttoned corset top and long skirt in frozen deep blue swede.  The over skirt is filled with delicate snowflakes that have fallen.  Perfect for a romantic walk and dancing in a Winter Wonderland Christmas.

Wood Works

[Wood Works] Christmas Delivery copy AD@@

One of Santa’s little helpers making some rounds to help Santa out.



Sponsor Spotlight!

Angelique Wickentower and Ever Courtois – Ever An’ Angel

Hi! We’re Angel and Ever, owners of Ever An’ Angel and EFM. We’ve been in SL for about 8 years and have a main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ever%20Ever%20Land/127/124/2512 and a few things up on SL marketplace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/79840). We create women’s apparel, cosmetics and men’s apparel.

Our favorite thing we created?  Impossible to say – that changes all the time!

We’ve created some exclusives for the Expo. We always create a line of Sheep PJs every year and this year we even had them for men! That and three gowns and one casual outfit. We keep everything in the Ever An’ Angel EXPO store at 100%. It’s all exclusive.😀

Oh, yes – the most favorite holiday memories of ours revolve around our children!

Many thanks from the Christmas Expo to our platinum sponsors, Angel and Ever from Ever An’ Angel and EFM for being a part of this year’s event!




Raffles & Silent Auctions @ The SL Christmas Expo

The raffle area has tickets available on several exciting items.. including a $10,000 gift certificate, $5,000 gift certificate, mixed gift certificate bundles, town homes, home decor and clothing!   Get your tickets today !!

Our Silent Auction area has amazing items up for bids, including a limited edition, one of a kind, Buildable, made especially for the SL Christmas Expo, a $10,000 gift card, town homes, mixed bundles of goodies and lots more!

View some of the items here  https://slchristmasexpo.wordpress.com/raffles-silent-auctions/  or head on over to the Raffle & Silent Auction area at the expo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xmas%20Expo%20Frozen/137/43/27

Volunteer Spotlight on Trouble

Trouble Dethly is on the Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations Team. Here he introduces himself to us all.trouble

My job for the 2015 Christmas Expo was to create was the guide book and visitor’s guide; essentially, one is an online publication, and the other an in-world publication. This job entailed creating a mini-magazine of sorts full of adverts, welcome letters, special areas and events to truly showcase all the amazing work the volunteers and content creators have done in support of Relay For Life. I also made an excellent Map and Teleport HUD because I’m all about ease of use and navigation.

I am heavily involved in the fashion industry as the CEO of both the fashion magazine ECLIPSE and agency .PENUMBRA. .PENUMBRA coordinated and produced the “Winter’s Dream Fashion Show.” All outfits in that show are semi-exclusives, where only 10 copies of each will be sold and a portion of all proceeds are donated to Relay for Life.

I more or less stumbled across my involvement in the Christmas Expo. The CMO of .PENUMBRA, Catalina Staheli, was asked to be the PR/Marketing lead, and it seemed natural that the rest of the organization lent their support🙂 to the cause.

My message this Holiday season is simple: Be kind, even in situations that would typically dictate a different response.

Thank you to Trouble and everyone at Eclipse and .Penumbra for their creative productions and support of Relay For Life and The American Cancer Society!

Christmas Expo Exclusives!

Featured Today:


2 One of a kind robots, Limited Editions!

buildables -RFL poster2 2015@@

Chip Papa RFL Mega Display Model

One of a kind Limited Editionbuildables -Display crate Chip Papa RFL@@

Chip Mama RFL Mega Display Model

One of a kind Limited Edition

buildables - Display crate Chip Mama RFL@@

Blush Skins

This is a skin line designed together with one of Second Life’s most famous photographers: Skip Staheli. Blush made the face while Skip designed beautiful body effects such as glitter; suncream and freckles. These body effects can only be used as mesh body appliers, the classic SL avatar doesn’t have any effects. There are two versions of this skin line: item 1 = a complete TMP package with head and body appliers; item 2 = contains a classical SL avatar head (only) + appliers for all major mesh bodies in the market: Maitreya, TMP, Belleza, EVE and Slink.


Sponsor Spotlight!

SL Xmas Expo Designer Headshot - HunniHope REsident

HunniHope Resident – [HC] Hopes Creations

My name is HunniHope Resident and I’m approaching my 4th SL birthday in just a few weeks. I’m the owner of [HC] Hopes Creations. You can find my in-world store at:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mystic%20Isle/176/54/23 and I’m on the SL Marketplace at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/109343

My store offers clothing, shoes & accessories for women and also some for men. I specialize in applier based clothing for Mesh bodies but still not forgetting the classic SL avatars too.

I was asked what my most favorite item is – Every new item I create becomes a new favorite for a time. I currently have a couple of favorites and all for different reasons. One is an Exclusive dress that I’m offering at the Expo that has a whimsical, fantasy feel but still chic and classy. Another is a dress inspired by the intense dance of the Argentine Tango

I decided to participate in the Christmas Expo this year and ever since I’ve been in SL I have supported RFL in what ever way i can. This year I’ve found myself in a position where I could offer more. There is a history of cancer in my RL family, and a very good close friend of mine has been fighting a hard fight since the beginning of the year. I wanted to do something, even if it is in a virtual world, but if what we can do here can help prevent 2 more kids from losing a mom or dad, then it’s worth it because that’s the reality my friend is facing, and no one deserves to know how that feels.

I do have exclusives for the Expo this year. Everything in my store is new, either as a re-color of something I have previously offered in my store, or a completely new item. Everything I have on offer at the Expo will not be made available anywhere else until after the event closes.

My main item is the Ice Swan Princess a gorgeous seasonal themed Gown.

[HC] Ice Swan Princess@@

I also have a selection of Winter boots in Wintry Christmas designs, some fun cute Christmas charm necklaces and also a selection of outfits & costumes, including a Snowgirl & Lil Miss Santa, and not forgetting the cosy turtle necks & jeans. All items are suitable for Mesh & Classic avatars, all clothing includes a variety of appliers.

My favorite memory has to be from when I was about 10 years old. Back then the family would all gather at my Gran’s house for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Every couch, sofa, window seat would be spoken for, as well as any spare bed space, so that everyone could sleep over and all be together Christmas morning. Omelet & bacon sandwiches greeted everyone for breakfast. After the presents we’d be scrambling around gathering every chair and stool we could find so we could all be around the same table. We’d be totally stuffed but the food was so good we’d be stealing the odd unwanted roast potato or Yorkshire pudding from other plates. For me, that’s how Christmas should always be, no troubles, no woes, just surrounded by family.

A warm Christmas Expo thank you to our platinum sponsor, Hunnihope, owner of [HC] Hopes Creations, for sharing a bit of herself with us!

Volunteer Spotlight on Dianna

Here Dianna Wycliffe shares her thoughts and wishes with us.

Di-Tree lot

I am the Tree Lot Coordinator for the 2015 Christmas Expo. We contacted people to create a special one of a kind tree to be sold specially at the Tree Lot. We have some incredible creators that made some really great trees! All 50 prims or under!

We make an impact through Second Life by making people aware we are raising Real Life money for The American Cancer Society.

For the Holiday Season… please spend quality time with your loved ones. You never know when this will be your last Christmas with them.

I am thankful for my Real Life Children and Family and my Second Life Family and Friends!

Thank you to Dianna for volunteering and for her continued support of Relay for Life and The American Cancer Society.

Christmas Expo Exclusives!

Featured Today:


Peeps  - talila sales ad purple@@

Talila Couture Gown in Purple.  Includes Corset, Skirt, Headdress, Collar, Chest Flowers, and Flower Wings.  This outfit is Mesh and includes the Standard Sizes. Copy/Mod/No Transfer


Castle Frozen Nilpferd@@

A beautiful castle inspired by Elsa’s castle in ‘Frozen’ built exclusively by Thathy Slade and Brucewaynee Resident for Nilpferd by Cuddly Waffle at the Relay for Life of Second Life Christmas Expo 2015.

Entirely made from ice and snow, Castle Frozen features a sparkling crystal staircase, a frosted over fountain and rocky, mountainous surroundings covered in soft white flakes.  A beautiful winter retreat for Frozen fans and winter lovers alike. 1/4 Sim size.

Castle is 310 prims and is Copy only.

Broken Creek

Broken Creek Starline Lamps Relay Exclusive 2015@@

Broken Creek Decor has a pair of Starline Lamps as the Exclusive Relay item for this year’s Christmas Expo.  The lamps are MESH with original textures and are Materials Enabled. The lamps come in two colors with touch on/off. Permissions are (no modify, no transfer).

Suggested donation is L$50.