Praise the Volunteers!!!


Winter Expo 1.2a
photo by Stevie Basevi
The following is excerpted from the 2009 Praise the Volunteers! blog post by Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of The American Cancer Society

” Without our volunteers…(we can) not support our core mission, let alone survive.  We are fortunate to have many wonderful people … who are are devoted to our cause.  They are what makes the American Cancer Society such a special place for so many of us….

Winter Exo 2.2
photo by Stevie Basevi and setting by Lela Spire

Volunteers often labor for hours with little recognition.  They do what they do from the goodness of their hearts and their belief in a cause.   They offer their time and their skills because they want to make a difference, help someone who needs help, offer comfort to others in their time of need.

One of the ultimate stories… (is) how one volunteer can make a difference, and how one person with an idea can impact the lives of millions for years to come—both cancer survivors and those whose volunteer their time and skill to support those survivors and the mission of the American Cancer Society.

photo by Tee Auster and setting by Leala Spire

To all of our American Cancer Society volunteers, and to all of you who volunteer in whatever way you choose, from our hearts to yours, thank you for everything that you do every day.  We are all blessed for your efforts.”

Christmas Expo Exclusives!

 It’s the last day to pick up all the Christmas Expo Exclusives!  Here’s a recap of all the wondrous things available:

Hanaya Home & Garden


Outside the Box


Park Place Home Decor


Follow Us


 M’s Avon


OMG! Inc.


Tiffany Designs


Feyline Fashions




 Athena Couture


Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions


Hopes Creations


Bands of Cypher






Ollies Follies




Sweet Red’s Designs


Wood Works


Semi Precious


Ever An’ Angel


Love Everlasting PlantPets


La Boheme




DIVIAs Designs


Blush Skins


Dekute Dekore





Broken Creek

Broken Creek Starline Lamps Relay Exclusive 2015@@



Peeps Peeps  - talila sales ad purple@@

Many thanks to the fantastic merchants who provided exclusive items for this year’s Christmas Expo!


Volunteer Spotlight on Madonna

I’m the Merchant Support lead here for this year’s Expo. Nuala asked me if I would be willing to volunteer for the position, because of my prior experience as a coach and tool tester. My team ~Gemma Cleanslate, Michiko Avon, Stevie Basevi , Aphrodite Serin~ and I are here to help merchants get everything setup, and help out with anything else they may need during the Expo.

Madonna Expo 2015

Second Life has enabled us to have a Relay For Life without boundaries and without barriers. We are able to reach people all around the globe. We are able to do things that just aren’t possible in “first life” Relays. Thanks to this virtual world, we have been able to unite in the world’s most unique and diverse Relay. Cancer affects us all, and SL has made it possible to involve us all.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this year’s Christmas Expo. Thank you to everyone who has supported this year’s Expo. Thank you to my Merchant Support team for your help. We are making it possible for cancer survivors to enjoy more Christmases. Let’s give cancer the boot!

Thank you to Madonna and her excellent Team for all they do for the Christmas Expo, Relay For Life and for their continued support of The American Cancer Society!

A Relay For Life of Second Life Fundraising Event


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